The BGC head criticize Nicola Sturgeon’s decision about casino

29.03.2021 14:46

The Betting and Gaming Council’s chief executive officer Michael Dugher stated his frustration in a letter to the prime minister Nicola Sturgeon.

The government in Scotland stated it will be permitted for the casino to be opened only in the first-level zones, while other hospitality establishments such as pubs and restaurants can be opened in the second-level zones.

It also took the decision to reopen these institutions from 26th April, however the casinos have to wait till the beginning of June.

Dugher sees it as a “highlight” of the casinos which spent millions in order to make them safe during the pandemic.

He relied on the report of the chartered environmental health practitioner, doctor Lisa Ackerley, in which it was written that casinos are “as free from danger, if not more secure” as other hospitality places.

It was linked to the fact that casinos introduced safe for Covid measures, such as plexiglass screens, disinfecting stations and social distance at all places for events.

Taking this into account, Dugher considers the Sturgeon decision “perplexing” and says that it left more than 700 workers suspended.

Dugher wrote in his letter: “Ordering the ongoing casino closure in Level 2 zones in Scotland would be an unneeded blow for 700 hard-working men and women which are employed, as well as economically self-harming taking into consideration 30 million pound sterling (41.8 million dollars) in tax they pay in a year usual. Our casino members in Scotland are totally confused, how can they understand the decision that does not allow them to open their establishments again. Could you explain the scientific basis of this decision?”

Dugher wants people to behave toward casinos “parity and justifiably” and considers that casinos must be switched to Level 2 this week or they should name the exact date of the reopening.