13.12.2020 14:45

The developer Quickspin was founded in 2011 in Sweden and is headquartered in Stockholm. The origins of the company come from the iconic NetEnt and the equally popular Unibet company. Largely due to its rich experience and responsible approach to business, Quickspin software has won many awards and is considered one of the most popular in the gambling market.

Separately, it should be noted that the developer is focused on the release of only high-quality products, putting his soul into every game, which resonates in the hearts of users. It is not surprising that the company was acquired in 2016 by the market leader – Playtech, and not for the most money, for only 50 million.

Since then, the developer has become one of the independent divisions of Playtech, gaining access to huge resources, but maintaining its own responsible approach to software development.

Visual and technical parameters of slots

Each game is designed with great attention to the slot’s focus and details. Online casino software, released by the company, are becoming hits as one. And this is not surprising, because they are created in a certain way, trying to provide players with a unique and unforgettable experience, to offer a dizzying plot, framed in modern graphics.

The interface of the slots is thought out and verified to the smallest details, which allows players to intuitively understand all the subtleties of the game. Of course, the slots of the company have other parameters that are inherent in all top entertainment. For example, Quickspin installs a bet capping mechanism in its machines, but leaves enough room for the professionals to play.

Slot machines from Quickspin

Throughout its existence, the company has released about 30 different games, but let’s recall the most popular of them:

 – “Supernova” – This game is about the universe and space travel, sending players on a journey to new planets. Overall, this is a classic 5-reel slot with 27 paylines with huge multipliers, Wild symbols. In addition, the machine pleases with stunning graphics and detailed animation.

 – “The Big Bad Wolf” – an adaptation of the classic tale about an evil wolf and pigs building houses from different materials. The slot machine has an interesting cascading mechanics of wins, a lot of unusual Wild symbols, and besides that, there is a high probability of a bonus round falling out.

 – “Beowulf” – this machine was based on the saga of the legendary warrior, Beowulf. This slot has a very high return, a unique soundtrack and many animated characters. Perhaps the most unusual and cool feature of the slot is ” Grendel’s Attack “. A special round that starts randomly. There is also a bonus round in the machine, where the main character will have to defeat the dragon.

 – “Treasure Island” – in this slot you will have to face perky pirates, gorgeous graphics and stunning animation. The slot machine, of course, has the opportunity to get free spins and catch the Wild symbol. Of the “chips” – the bonus round “Treasure Hunter”, as well as the unique mechanic “Pirate Attack”.

 Differences between slots

Quickspin casino software has a bright personality, but in addition, it offers players:

 – Excellent return on investment (RTP). If you pay attention to the company’s line of games, there is not a single slot in it where the RTP would be below 96%. It is unlikely that now there is at least one more developer on the market with such a high indicator. Yes, Quickspin doesn’t have that many games, but why, if each of the available ones is a real masterpiece? Moreover, they have several “giving” hits, where the RTP is set to 97%.

 – Low risk of gambling. All slot machines of the company have a medium variance level. For what? It’s simple, the developer creates slots that he is happy to play himself, and the company loves the golden mean: when you can win a lot, but not the largest sums, but there is still a chance to break a colossal bank. Thus, the risk of “burnout” is reduced to almost zero. Of course, everyone decides for himself whether this is the right approach or not, but world recognition, authority, reputation and awards indicate that Quickspin is on the right way.

 – There are no slots with progressive jackpots among the company’s catalog. There is a perfectly logical explanation for this. These slot machines do not have the highest payout percentage, but the Swedish developer prefers to make really “giving” slots. But this is also due to the fact that they do not have their own jackpot series. And the developers themselves from Quickspin have said more than once that progressive jackpots are highly overrated, and rather are a marketing lure.

 – A masterpiece graphic component. When it comes to really beautiful slots, Quickspin games always come to mind. For example, almost the entire Big Bad Wolf machine gun was hand-painted by the company’s artists.

 – Integration with social networks. About half of all the company’s games are on Facebook. Quickspin believes that social gaming is the future of the industry. Well, wait and see. So what happens? Quickspin is a top-notch developer with a slight obsession with slot quality. The company’s slot machines are always interesting entertainment. They can be recommended not only for pros, but also for beginners, due to their good return and low risk.