13.12.2020 14:54

Elk Studios software is produced by a Swedish online casino software company. The company was founded in 2012 and since then has been one of the leading creators of slot machines. For example, in just a couple of years of its existence, the company came up with such well-known systems as Game On and Betting Strategies, which helped them make a sharp leap, beating many competitors.

For 8 years of its existence, the Swedish manufacturer has released about 40 games for online casinos. And it should be said that the online casino software released by this company is quite interesting, with very beautiful graphics, and, most importantly, amazing gaming capabilities. Another important point is that all casino software produced by Elk are optimized for the resolution of mobile gadgets, which allows you to play their slots from smartphones and tablets without losing picture quality.

The developer is not trying to release a large number of slot machines, paying increased attention to quality, hiring talented game designers. It is also clear from their products that they decided to focus on the release of scalable slots, which, in addition to a personal computer, can also be run on mobile gadgets. And it should be said that the Swedish company was right because the future belongs to mobile gaming.

Slot machines supplied by Elk studio

It has already been mentioned above that the developer is not going to churn out the same type of games one after another, they try to approach the release of each new slot with soul. Special attention is paid to graphics, an interesting bonus, and modern audio-visual accompaniment. At the moment, the return on Elk slot machines is about 90, and for some slots it reaches 96%. Such a high RTP and additional features are exactly what encourages users to play the company’s products over and over again.

For example, consider The Lab slot machine. It has 5 reels, 15 paylines, scatter and Wild symbols. But, a distinctive feature of this slot is the “Betting Strategy” function, using which the user can build winning schemes. It is this function that has brought worldwide fame to the company’s slots. So, it includes:

 – Jumper – allows you to increase the bet to a level that is 4 times higher than the base one, and so on until the spin is losing;

 – Leveler – increases the size of the bet after five lost spins. This happens only after five consecutive lost spins;

 – Booster – is responsible for a similar function as Leveler, but it can be activated after any winning spin.

If you take something from the new games, then you can remember the The Fish slot. The slot machine also has 5 reels, but already 40 paylines, scatter and Wild symbols, and besides that, huge multipliers. A unique feature of the slot is the “sticky” Wild in the shape of a fish, which brings the user a colossal prize.

The Champions Goal slot is also popular, beloved by football fans. It also features 5 reels, 20 paylines, scatter and wild symbols, and masterpiece graphics.

Wild Toro is the most famous slot of the company, recognized as the game of the year in 2017. The slot features outstanding graphics, 178 paylines and unique Wild symbols.

Ecuador Gold is the most “giving” slot of the company, RTP – 96.1%.

Another unique mechanic that Swedish developers have brought to the world of online gambling is Game On. This feature can be activated after 25 spins in a row, thus getting a free spin. This is done in order to encourage the player to continue playing for the longest possible number of spins.

Mobile Slots from Elk

The developer was one of the first who paid increased attention to the mobile direction. With the spread of the Internet and the advent of affordable and high-quality smartphones, an increasing number of players are starting to play with mobile gadgets. This allows you to play anywhere, anytime.

Of course, besides mobility, there are also disadvantages, for example, the screen size of a smartphone is many times smaller than that of a monitor, and the battery will not allow playing all day without interruption. However, during the creation of a new slot, Elk specialists make the game adaptive, i.e. it will automatically adjust to the screen resolution, thereby reducing the load on the technical part of the gadget and less draining the battery of a smartphone or tablet.

Are Elk games free to play?

Any large modern casino offers its players a “Demo Mode”, which is available even without registration. The only difference is that in Demo – people play for free, without the ability to place a bet with real funds. This allows you to try your hand at a new slot for yourself, think over a strategy, and just spin the reel for fun.

Accordingly, all Elk slot machines that your favorite gaming club offers are also available in this mode. Just switch the slot to Demo mode and play. And when you feel confident in your own abilities, switch to normal mode and start winning!