20.10.2020 11:20

Kahnawake is a small sovran territory located in Canada that belongs to a native American tribe. Kahnawake is one of the first jurisdictions where it was possible to base a licensed casino. The regional government decided to be not on the bit of Canada authorities and in 1996 they started to  grant licenses. Nowadays, the licensed online casino with jurisdiction in Kahnawake is considered one of the most reliable and honest institutions. Surely, it is possible to obtain such a prestige license only by possessing these qualities.

What are the advantages of getting the state license in Kahnawake:

  • beneficial geographical location;
  • stable economic development;
  • vast experience of the regulator company;
  • there is no taxation of the profit gained from gambling business;
  • prestige and good reputation of the region;
  • the possibility to get one license which will give you the opportunity not only to base a licensed casino, but also to hold a lottery, open a land-based casino or bookmaker;
  • there are not any requirements of further capital.

What varieties are granted in this jurisdiction

  • IGC – this document permits the operator to register his hosting in this jurisdiction. But it is important to understand that if you need more than one hosting, then you will have to get a licence to each of them. 
  • IJA – these are already the casino licenses that allow the operator to work online. But the hitch lies in the fact that in order to get it the company must already have a licence granted in another jurisdiction. If the company does not have it, then it cannot receive the IJA as well.
  • CPA – by getting this document in Kahnawake is realized the authorization of the subject who is planning to perform interactive activities actually on the region territory and operate with available online games. This permission can be bought for 25000 canadian dollars.
  • KPL – this permission is necessary for the subject who is going to perform the main activities of operational control of a licensed company which already received the CPA permission. The cost of this document constitutes 5000 canadian dollars.

There is also an additional licence PRL which permits the operator to open online poker rooms.

Not taking into consideration the other payments, the company must pay the services of a technical auditor who will make sure that the operator`s software is genuine and licensed. This service costs 15000 canadian dollars. Besides this, it would be necessary to pay annual 10000 canadian dollars for the licensed online casino. These funds are needed for licence renewal.

Perhaps, the regulator gives central meaning to the checking of random number generator. It must be installed on the maximal available “return to player”. Moreover, the random number generator, as well as the operator who is holding the online casino, must have the corresponding permission.

The regulatory company which grants the licenses to the operators is examines in detail by each company: all the connections and last experiences in gambling business are checked, the reputation is rated, the shareholders and owners data is gathered, the date of company foundation, they are even finding the characteristics of main administrators. And only after all this information will be studied, the decision is taken: will the operator obtain the license or he does not serve for presenting this jurisdiction.

Few are aware that Kahnawake is cooperating with a highly respected company, which is performing the fraud investigation in the online gambling field. This commission agency National Fraud Center found a lot of fraud cases of simple players. Branches of this agency can be found all over the world.

It turns out that the Kahnawake regulator, not only grants licenses to the casinos and bookmakers, but also checks in details the obligations repaying and gambling software, monitors the swindlers and resolves all the conflicts between the casino and players.

What is necessary for obtaining the local jurisdiction

  • The operator must register the company on the Kahnawake territory.
  • Software installed on the casino or bookmaker website must fulfil the regulator`s requirements.
  • The servers must be located on the Kahnawake territory.
  • Shareholders and key managers must not have a criminal history.
  • Even if there are not any requirements about the size of further capital, it must be presented.

What documents must be provided

  • detailed description of each arcade machine with its characteristics;
  • the business-plan;
  • passport copies of the managers and shareholders;
  • RNG Certificate, eCorga certificate, etc.

So, the first thing that must be made is to register the company in the jurisdiction.

After that must be submitted an application for having the documents verified. An interesting fact is that the agency which makes decisions about the license grantig, is changing each two years. In Kahnawake this is the way of dealing with possible fraud when an already working gambling club or bookmaker is relicensed.

The agency is not only responsible for granting licenses, but it also can cancel the taken decision.

The average time of checking the application for granting the licence by the Kahnawake regulator is 2-6 months. Before sending the application, it must be paid 25000 US dollars. This amount of funds is a guarantee of your commitment and in the case it will be refused to issue the licence, then these funds will be paid back to the operator.