20.10.2020 11:23

License issued in Alderney is considered to be one of the most respective ones in the world. That is why the Casino which received the local license will be regarded as credible one by default and this fact will have a positive impact on the users’ quantity and their trust. 

The issuance of licenses is conducted by the local organisation called AGCC which was founded in 2000. The decision to get the Alderney License is also correct because of the fact that the company will be included in the British “white list”, this fact will make it possible to work with many big banks.

It is worth mentioning that this license can be received only by the fair operators, who are ready to follow all the strict requirements and standards of this jurisdiction. Protection of consumer rights is another important paragraph in the contract. Trying to perform their tasks in good faith, AGCC organization works closely with law enforcement officials, which allows them to combat fraud and prevent money laundering.

In addition, the AGCC makes amendments to the legal framework from year to year, which allows you to comply with the strictest and most advanced business rules in the field of online gambling. Due to this, it is not surprising that an online casino, which has received a local jurisdiction, is credible among users from all over the world.

Alderney casino licenses

The operator issues two types of licensing:

 -B2B. This type of license can be received by companies that develop gambling software, and by organizations that host it.

 -B2C. The offshore Commission is responsible for the operation of casinos, bookmakers, and various lotteries.

An Alderney license of any type guarantees that the operator who received it strictly complies with all legal regulations, is not a fraudster and does not participate in money laundering. When a company receives this permission, it is immediately included in the British “white list” as mentioned above.

Now let’s look at how each license works.

Only companies that develop gambling software can get a hosting certificate. The main requirement before obtaining a license is that the mechanisms of operation of slot machines meet the requirements of the AGCC. Moreover, you can get a temporary license for slots – so the developer can freely distribute their software in Alderney for a month. There are two types of temporary permits: for 29 days, or for 59 days, spread over 6 months. A temporary license is a good way to check whether the local market is suitable for the company and assess the risks.

Next let’s talk about the B2C casino license. It allows you to work directly with users.

The operators with this license are allowed  to upload any gambling games to their site: poker, blackjack, slot machines, Lotto, live games. In addition, the B2C license gives you the possibility to combine the casino with a bookmaker’s. Of course, this license can be obtained by foreign operators, but local companies have higher chances of obtaining it. This rule also works for B2B. The organization of the AGCC gives priority to local businessmen.

Requirements for obtaining a local license

  1. An operator applying for a license must comply with the strictest standards of economic presence. They can be found in the legislative framework of Alderney.
  2. When applying for licensing, you must provide a detailed business plan;
  3. AML-CFT policy;
  4. Create a detailed description of each game that will be uploaded to the licensed online casino;
  5. Provide several options for withdrawing winnings, and describe how users can withdraw them;
  6. Availability of RNG and RTP certificates;
  7. Any other documents that the Supervisory authority may request (Charter, copies of passports, etc.).

So, after submitting all the documents, their review may take about six months, which is not so much. If the operator provides an insufficient set of documents, or some information is not true, the documents will be sent back for correction. Therefore, it is recommended to use the help of local lawyers in the process of collecting the necessary documents.


A casino licensed in Alderney has the following advantages:

  1. The operator is exempt from many taxes (they are replaced by a certain annual fee, which depends on the casino’s revenue. On average, it is from 35 thousand to 240 thousand euros);
  2. Access to the market with the most solvent players (Central Europe and Asia);
  3. The trust of the developers and major banks;
  4. Loyalty of the audience that values the safety of its assets.
  5. The opportunity to open not only a casino, but also a bookmaker’s, poker room, lotteries, etc.

To sum up

A gambling license issued in Alderney is one of the easiest ways to earn the trust of players, as well as to enter a major market with the most reliable reputation. But there is also a significant disadvantage: getting a license is not as easy as it may seem at first sight. The Supervisory authority imposes the strictest requirements on operators, often returns a set of documents for revision and can always refuse, even without specifying the reason.