Aspire strengthens the IGAMING platform by a new CRM system.

12.07.2021 10:19

The solutions provider for online gambling B2B Aspire Global increased the possibilities of its gambling platform AspireCore thanks to the recent integration of its new integral CRM system AspireEngage.

AspireEngage created on the base of Exponea represents a platform of players’ data which includes a wide range of services aimed to provide improved players’ experience and greater satisfaction of the system.

The system is equipped with advanced marketing live possibilities which provide to online-games operators the possibility to improve their strategy for players’ implication. Bonuses control, personalized messages and user segmentation are just some of the services which the new system includes.

Besides the providing of CRM services to their users, AspireEngage also allows them to plug-in their own CRM tools to the platform in addition to providing an easy interface of self-management.

Aspire Global specified that the integration of its new decision AspireEngage with its platform will shore up the position as a reliable partner for operators which aspire to increase their value and participation in the controlled market all over the world.

Founded in 2005, Aspire Global offers individual services to the partners from every corner of the globe. At the moment the system provides its products to more than 60 brands of online casinos and digit sports bets.

A new platform for brand revolution in marketing

Commenting on the recent AspireEngage launching, the Aspire Global chief executive officer, Tsachi Maimon claimed that according to their opinion the new product will revolutionize brand promotion by the operators all over the world.

Further Mr. Maimon said that this is a new decision for live working “so easy in using and will open the possibilities to operators to offer difficult marketing ways which will lead to personalized cooperation with clients.”

According to the words of Aspire senior representative, the integration of AspireEngage with the platform AspireCore will serve to strengthen the last one as an “original platform for the access to unlimited opportunities iGaming”.

The news about the new addition to the AspireCore platform appeared during the period of Aspire active growth. During the last year the company significantly increased its presence at many new and already existing markets based on the deals with platforms and bookmaker offices with long-held and young online-gambling brands.

Aspire recently increased its positions in a profitable Latin-American region thanks to the cooperation with leading operators Betfair and William Hill. It also strengthened its presence in Europe as a result of deals with operators in Portugal, Switzerland and Romania among other key regulated territories.