Gambling Austria Casinos Group AG present the summative balance of the 2020.

22.06.2021 10:11

The administration of Austria Casinos AG is presented the final balance of the 2020 on the meeting Watching Board in the Thursday, that’s showing that the Coronavirus Pandemic also left her own track on the Austrian Gambling Group.
In the past year, the Sales Statistic of Company was 1.134 billion euros ( in 2019: 1.359 billion euros), and the total income was 0.95 million euros ( 112 million of euros in 2019 ) .
Closing 12 casinos and 21 locations WINWIN in amount of 135 days because of The Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020 represents a massive financial load. Moreover, expenses on measures about restructuring in group was 55 million euros.
However, Austria Casinos AG didn’t receive any financial damages, because they could redirect clients successfully on the Online Platform Win2Day. Lotto 6 from 45 also could bring higher income. The Group was paid to the Government debts in amount of 294 million euros.
The General Director Bettina Glats-Kremsner characterized the past financial year as a “Special Achievement” and commended it:
The past financial year was the most difficult year of the all-company history. Because of extremely difficult limits for all our group, it was a very hard to keep the currency in economical attitude for the companies. However, we went a large-scale program of restructuring, which is influenced on all working sections of company, which are made a foundation for the positive future.
The General Director Bettina Glats-Kremsner is left the Austria Casinos
In the Monday , from meeting of the Watching board was received the information, that the General Director Bettina Glats-Kremsner will not continue the contract in April of 2022. On the yesterday’s meetings Glats-Kremsner said to Watching Board, that in the next year she will leave their place.
Glats-Kremsner is working in Austira Casinos AG about 30 years and she is a member of Directors Board from 2010. She took place of General Director in the may of 2019. In this time Peter Sidlo also was invited as a Financial Director. Some month later he left his place.
Some people says, that Glats-Kremsner is influenced on the decision of inviting Sildo on the place of Financial Director, and Ibiza-U-Committee asked this question. The Prosecutor’s office, which is working on the economic and corruption question (WKSta) , is also investigating the case of Boss of Austria Casinos with suspicion in fake accusation. There is no information, could the decision of leaving be connected with this accusation.
The causes of this decision have private motivation, said the Boss of Austria Casinos. Now the Watching Board has a year for finding a solution in succession question.